Our founder, Maria, moved to Geneva, and found that in the heart of Europe, women like her could not find jewellery that fit her needs or budget. Leading an on-the-go lifestyle, she would either have to break the bank to afford luxury brands or turn to gold-plated alternatives. Having grown up in Lebanon, she was used to having a neighborhood jeweller who could customize whatever style she wanted at her price point. Realizing that that wasn’t an alternative offered in all of Western Europe, she set about creating something that catered to busy, educated and adventurous women like herself.

Inspired by her grandmother, Bahia, an inspirational, independent, kind and loving woman; liaising with her family jewellers in Beirut, Maria decided to start her own brand. Crafting trendy yet classy pieces, Maria sought to provide high-end products at affordable prices.

BAHIA was inspired by the community of women that we are surrounded by. Emboldened and creative minded, these women want what they wear to reflect their individual personalities and lifestyles.

BAHIA represents a new generation of women, who seek quality and true value. Who want to own iconic pieces that foster originality. Jewellery, which will withstand the test of time, eventually becoming future family heirlooms.

It is in that space, that BAHIA was born.

BAHIA is an online lifestyle brand that acts as a means of discovery, cutting out the middleman, it allows for women to seek out style and own pieces they never thought they could afford.

Never compromising on superior craftsmanship, BAHIA allows women to feel their best by looking like themselves. Everything at BAHIA is customizable, because we believe in the need for individuality. BAHIA is made for a new generation of women that they are strong, smart, ambitious and capable of having everything they want.

At BAHIA, we ultimately seek to provide the modern woman luxury she can covet by herself for herself.