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At Bahia Fine Jewellery, we believe that luxury accessories don’t have to be a guilty pleasure. We are a seller of high-end fine jewellery that offers 18-karat gold pieces at competitive prices. We carefully design and craft each item to ensure its exceptional beauty and durability. We personalise your jewellery pieces as well if you prefer it that way, giving you and your loved one a fine accessory like no other.

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Diamond Tiger Necklace on a 18k Gold Chain with genuine emerald eyes.  Available in Rose, White and Yellow Gold.

Bahia Jewellery

Tiger Pendant



We only use 18k solid Gold, nothing gold-plated, silver or vermeil. Every item is hand-made with the finest gemstones to give you the quality you deserve!

All our raw materials are conflict-free and we use eco-friendly packaging to have as little impact on the environment as possible.


We hand pick our manufacturing partners to provide the best quality following the traditional jewellery making techniques. That's why we do not produce in bulk. BAHIA Jewellery pieces are made by hand. Every product is molded and customized to fit the request of the owner. Every stone is hand set! 


We believe that High-End Jewellery does not have to be expensive. That's why we said goodbye to traditional retailer markups which make the price of jewellery often 3x more expensive and decided to sell directly to you.

The only markup you pay for is ours without compromising on quality of the design, craft and material used. 


Indulge, guilt-free, knowing you are getting fine jewellery.

The value of gold will never be lost to you!

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Bahia Fine Jewellery sells a wide variety of personalised jewellery presents for women. Our collection includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Browse our online store today to find the best gift for yourself or your loved one without breaking the bank.