The Story of BAHIA

Bahia in Arabic means Shining and Beautiful. It is also the name of my grandmother, a woman with great taste and a jewellery collection that inspired me to start this business.

In Lebanon where I am from, jewellery is part of every occasion: weddings, baptisms, name days and birthdays.. it's for everyone who has taste for fine accessories but also it is gifted because it keeps its value. Gold is king! 


When I moved to Europe, I got the impression that people buy mostly gold-plated or silver accessories which are almost as expensive as fine jewellery in Beirut. This is mainly due to the high markups that brands put on their jewellery. So I decided to start my own business by making fine jewellery accessible to everyone for everyday use by going straight to the source and then selling it straight to you.

Our Vision

We believe that beautiful fine jewellery does not have to be expensive... so we said goodbye to traditional markups and started BAHIA to sell directly to you. We exist to make you feel good, you deserve to wear gold and beautiful gemstones every single day! Nothing silver or gold-plated.